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Ramadan Ads in Egypt 2024

Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month, transcends religious observance in the Islamic world. It becomes a cultural cornerstone, shaping daily life and inspiring a whirlwind of social, commercial, and charitable activities. Here, where Islam’s holiest sites reside and traditions hold deep roots, Ramadan carries even greater weight.

Digital Marketing and Advertising in Ramadan Season 

The rise of digital media and shifting consumer behavior have transformed Ramadan into a prime marketing season. Brands leverage this period to connect with consumers on a deeper level. Ramadan Marketing Campaigns capitalize on the heightened sense of spirituality and community, utilizing television, social media, and experiential marketing to create impactful Ramadan Ads and to make new products.

Digital marketing thrives during Ramadan. Brands use online platforms and TV ads to reach wider audiences and create resonant ads. These ads often weave themes of unity, compassion, and generosity, reflecting the values cherished during this holy month. Additionally, Ramadan Digital Campaigns foster engagement through interactive content, live streams, and user-generated content, encouraging direct interaction with consumers.

How can Ramadan be the winning key for your businesses?

Ramadan Promotions are another key marketing tactic. From traditional stores to e-commerce platforms, businesses entice customers with special deals, discounts, and limited-time offers, creating a captivating sales landscape.

One captivating aspect of Egypt’s Ramadan campaigns is their ability to tap into the collective spirit. They mirror cherished values and traditions, fostering a sense of belonging and shared identity. Brands strive to create narratives that resonate emotionally, whether through commercials, social media activations, or experiential marketing events.

We all wait for the Ramadan season for the advertising race between the top companies and this is the top Ads in this Ramadan 


Views: 13M 

Likes: 50K


The ad opens with a young man sitting alone at a table in a restaurant, looking at his phone. He seems sad and lonely. As he scrolls through social media, he sees posts from his friends and family enjoying Ramadan together. This makes him feel even more isolated.

Suddenly, he receives a notification from Vodafone. It’s a video message from Amr Diab, the famous Egyptian singer. In the message, Amr Diab sings a song about the importance of saying kind words to others. He encourages the young man to reach out to his loved ones and spread some happiness during Ramadan.

The young man is inspired by Amr Diab’s message. He decides to call his mother and tell her how much he loves her. He also texts his friends and invites them to meet up for Iftar.

The ad ends with the young man surrounded by his loved ones, all smiling and laughing. He is no longer feeling lonely or isolated. He has learned the power of a kind word and the importance of connecting with others during Ramadan.

2- Bank misr

Views: 10M

Likes: 23K


The video opens with a montage of scenes depicting everyday life in Egypt. People are going about their daily lives, working, raising families, and enjoying the simple things. The ad then cuts to a series of shots of people struggling financially. They are unable to pay their bills, put food on the table, or provide for their families. The ad then returns to the montage of everyday life, but this time, the people are smiling and laughing. They are happy and carefree. The ad ends with a message that says, ” عاش بنك مصر – رمضان 2024.”



Like: 53K


The ad opens with a scene of a young woman sitting alone in her apartment, looking at a photo of her family. She is feeling homesick and missing her loved ones.

The scene then cuts to a montage of different people celebrating Ramadan with their families and friends. There are scenes of people breaking fast together, praying in congregation, and enjoying each other’s company.

The ad then returns to the young woman, who is now smiling and surrounded by her loved ones. She is happy and grateful to be with them.

The ad ends with the message “We – دايما على بالي” (We – Always on my mind)


Like: 10M

Views: 50K


The Orange Ramadan Ad 2024 is a heartwarming and uplifting commercial that celebrates the spirit of Ramadan and the importance of family and community. The ad features popular singers Hussain Al Jassmi and Ahmed Ezz, who perform a beautiful duet titled “Asmarani Oyouno Samra” (My Black-Eyed Beloved).

The ad opens with a scene of a young boy sitting at the dinner table with his family. The boy is looking at a photo of his grandfather, who has passed away. The boy’s father tells him that his grandfather was a very special man who loved Ramadan. He then tells the boy the story of how his grandfather met his grandmother.

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