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saudi arabia ramadan commercials 2024

A Wrap on Saudi Arabia Ramadan Commercials 2024

Traditionally, Ramadan has been a goldmine for marketers across the MENA region. It’s a time of heightened consumer activity, with brands looking for attention in a crowded marketplace. While high viewership numbers are a desired outcome, a truly successful Ramadan campaign goes beyond mere eyeballs on a screen. Saudi Arabia Ramadan commercials in 2024 have been a blast so far generating millions of views and positive reception, making it a potentially a record breaking year for Ramadan commercials.

Ramadan is a unique period where viewers are not just receptive to advertising, they actively anticipate it. Each year becomes a showcase for brands to unveil their creative prowess, with audiences eagerly waiting to see the fresh ideas and stories that unfold. It’s a competition, and in this competition, a few advertisers have managed to capture the essence of Ramadan and grab the most attention from their audience. We will showcase our personal favourites from all the Saudi Arabia Ramadan commercials in 2024 so far.

The General Perception of the Saudi Arabian Consumers to Ramadan’s Commercials in 2024

The way people shop in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan has undergone a fascinating transformation, and Ramadan commercials are a big reason why. Traditionally, these ads dominated television screens, bombarding viewers with captivating messages. But the rise of the internet has ushered in a new era of Ramadan marketing.

Now, brands have a powerful tool at their disposal: targeted advertising. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach. With the help of digital platforms, companies can tailor their ads to specific demographics and interests. This allows them to reach a wider audience with laser focus, ensuring their message resonates with the right people.

But the impact goes beyond just targeting. Ramadan promotions have become a cornerstone of the shopping experience.  Stores of all sizes unveil enticing deals and discounts, specifically designed to capture the spirit of generosity and togetherness associated with the holy month. These promotions act as a powerful motivator for consumers, influencing their purchasing decisions and encouraging them to splurge a little more.

Ramadan Commercials that Generated the Most Buzz in Saudi Arabia


Mobily Ramadan commercial this year has generated 8,000,000+ views on Youtube making it the most watched on the platform for Saudi Arabian commercials. Following their yearly successful formula of entertainment has made their commercial highly enjoyable, making a catchy song that boosts replay value is what specially benefits them on Youtube.

Their commercials are advertised on local TV channels and all across social media. Their most successful platform being X (Twitter), generating 15+ million views throughout the holy month of Ramadan so far.


Zain’s campaign for this year’s Ramadan commercial is focused on the ongoing war against Palestine, this isn’t the first time for Zain to address important issues in the region for their Ramadan commercials. While Mobily did win the Youtube race, Zain had a higher reach on social platforms in the MENA region and stayed consistent on the trending tabs.

The emotional song had high replay value and the theme of the commercial was the talking point of all their audience in Saudi Arabia. Gathering 4,000,000+ million views on Youtube, and while Zain didn’t post their commercial on other platforms, it was the most engaging commercial on social platforms X (Twitter), Facebook and Snapchat.

Toyota Saudi Arabia (Abdul Latif Jameel)

Toyota is a beloved car brand by Saudi Arabian citizens, their commercials always reflect the culture and traditions of the country. Toyota & Abdul Latif Jameel’s Ramadan commercial for 2024 covers the theme of generosity and hospitality of the Saudis, making it a well received commercial by their audience and hitting the Ramadan vibes nail right on the head. 

The commercial was published on all of Toyota Saudi Arabia’s platforms, their most successful platform being X(Twitter) generating 6.4 million views. The commercial received some success on Youtube and Facebook generating a little less than a million each. Toyota’s marketing strategy in Saudi Arabia focuses on billboards and TV commercials, but they’ve been making sure to utilize digital marketing correctly for their latest campaigns.

Key Marketing Lessons Learnt From Saudi Arabia Ramadan Commercials in 2024

The power of emotional connection:

Ads that evoke feelings of family, togetherness, and charity are likely to resonate with viewers during this introspective time. The audience feels connected to commercials that evoke emotions and reflect the themes of Ramadan.

Targeted marketing through digital platforms:

Reaching the right audience is crucial. Expect brands to leverage social media and online tools to deliver their message to specific demographics. TV commercials aren’t enough these days, along with being a very expensive method of advertising. Companies now use their TV commercials in reaching their audience through digital marketing platforms. All social platforms are an important playground for marketing during the month of Ramadan.

Interactive experiences for deeper engagement:

Static ads might be a thing of the past. Innovative commercials that use online games, quizzes, or even virtual reality create a more engaging experience. The commercials that generated the most views this year have either covered engaging topics or worked on making the songs engaging and replay worthy. 

Social media as a conversation starter:

Brands will likely use social media platforms to encourage discussions and product recommendations, turning satisfied viewers into brand advocates. The real reach occurs from audience conversations, managing to make people talk about your commercial is a harder success to gain than just making a good commercial. Ramadan comes with A LOT of commercials, only a few are unique enough to be talked about and remembered.

Stay on Trend and Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Saudi Arabian business owners take Ramadan as an opportunity to reach their audience through commercials and digital marketing campaigns. Make sure you stay on trend and maximize your opportunities in the competition by hiring a digital marketing agency. Chapters Digital Solutions will run your campaigns and put well planned out strategies into life, making sure your digital game is on top.

As we wrap up our analysis of the Saudi Arabia Ramadan commercials in 2024, it’s evident that brands have harnessed the power of storytelling, emotion, and digital marketing to capture the hearts and minds of consumers during this auspicious time.

These successful campaigns offer valuable lessons for marketers. Firstly, the importance of emotional connection cannot be overstated. Ads that evoke feelings of unity, charity, and family resonate deeply with viewers during Ramadan. Secondly, targeted marketing through digital platforms has become essential, allowing brands to reach specific demographics with precision. Thirdly, interactive experiences drive deeper engagement, with innovative approaches such as gamification and virtual reality enhancing the viewer experience. Lastly, social media serves as a powerful tool for fostering conversations and building brand advocacy.