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Dubai business bay buildings during night time.

Strategic Steps to Establish Business in Dubai: Your Gateway to Global Success

Dubai attracts entrepreneurs globally, with increasing numbers seeking business opportunities in this vibrant emirate each year. Beyond its appealing features such as a 0% tax rate, strategic location, and a straightforward incorporation process, Dubai has recently opened up avenues for foreigners to own 100% of their businesses, marking a significant policy change and making it easier to establish business in Dubai. 

This, coupled with the introduction of long-term visas, solidifies Dubai’s reputation as a prime location for overseas entrepreneurs. While starting a business here doesn’t have to be daunting, it does require some local expertise. Read on to discover how to embark on your business journey in Dubai as a foreigner.

Can Foreigners Establish Businesses in Dubai?

Absolutely. Dubai actively welcomes foreign investors, with over 80% of its population being expatriates, many of whom run their businesses. To guide foreign entrepreneurs through the license, visa, and business incorporation processes, numerous company formation experts and setup agents establish business in Dubai regularly.

Navigating The Process Of Establishing Business In Dubai

For foreign entrepreneurs entering the UAE, understanding local business customs is crucial. Seeking assistance from a reputable company setup agent early in the process is recommended. These experts provide guidance, ensuring a smooth process.

For instance, Dubai has specific rules for naming businesses. A setup agent can help align your chosen name with legal requirements and cultural sensitivities.

Once these initial steps are addressed, the focus shifts to the licensing process.

Understanding Business Licenses in Dubai

Dubai offers various trade license types, including commercial, industrial, and professional. The type of license required depends on your business activity.

Mainland businesses in Dubai:

Mainland businesses, also known as onshore businesses, operate within the jurisdiction of the Dubai Economic Department (DED). These entities can conduct business across the UAE and are not limited to specific geographical areas.


Recent changes in regulations allow for increased foreign ownership in mainland businesses. In many cases, foreigners can now own 100% of their companies, a shift that enhances Dubai’s attractiveness to global entrepreneurs.


Mainland businesses typically obtain commercial, professional, or industrial licenses from the DED, depending on their activities. Professional licenses are for service-oriented businesses, while commercial licenses cover trading activities. Industrial licenses are issued to companies involved in manufacturing.


For mainland businesses, compliance with local regulations and alignment with the DED’s guidelines are crucial. Naming conventions, business activities, and shareholder agreements must adhere to specific norms


Access to the broader UAE market.

Flexibility in choosing business activities.

Potential for government project participation.

Free Zone businesses in Dubai:

Free zones in Dubai are designated areas that offer favorable business conditions, incentives, and simplified company setups. Companies established in free zones operate within specific zones and are subject to the regulations of the respective free zone authority.


Foreign investors can enjoy 100% ownership of their businesses in free zones, making this an appealing option for international entrepreneurs.


Free zone authorities issue licenses based on the nature of the business. These could include commercial, service, industrial, or other specialized licenses.


The documentation and requirements for establishing a business in a free zone vary by zone. Generally, the process is streamlined, and businesses benefit from the support and services provided within the dubai free zone business setup.


100% foreign ownership.

Tax exemptions and customs benefits.

Simplified setup procedures.

Business-specific infrastructure and facilities.

Required Documents to Establish Business in Dubai

The documentation needed for businesses established in Dubai in free zones varies depending on the respective zone’s rules. Common requirements include a completed application form, business plan, passport copies of shareholders and appointed managers, financial reports, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current sponsor for individuals.

Cost Considerations for Dubai Company Formation

Dubai’s appeal is also attributed to its relatively low business costs. When looking to establish business in dubai costs vary based on factors like location and office space, a trade license typically ranges from AED 15,000 to AED 25,000. Free zone setups often prove a more low cost business setup in Dubai than in the mainland.

Considerations for Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai:

Dubai, with its vibrant economy and strategic location, stands out as an enticing hub for establishing a digital marketing agency. When embarking on this entrepreneurial journey, choosing between a mainland business setup and a free zone setup is a crucial decision in establishing a digital marketing agency in Dubai.

Client Location Preferences:

If your primary focus is local clients and government contracts, a mainland setup may be more suitable. For an international clientele, a free zone may offer more flexibility.

Ownership Control:

Consider your preference for ownership control. If maintaining full ownership is crucial, a free zone setup aligns with this requirement.

Operational Flexibility:

Evaluate the operational flexibility needed for your agency. Mainland setups are versatile in terms of business activities, while free zones offer quick and efficient processes.

Tax Implications:

Assess the tax implications and choose between the favorable tax environment of a free zone and the broader market access of a mainland setup.

Business Confidentiality:

If maintaining confidentiality is a priority, a free zone’s non-disclosure of ownership details may be advantageous.

Simplified Way to Establish Business In Dubai

The UAE designed its company formation process for simplicity and accessibility. However, tapping into the region’s potential requires a nuanced understanding of local regulations. Engaging business setup services ensures a smooth process, with experts advising on the most suitable license and setup type.
Business setup services not only simplify the process but also minimise the risk of errors in licence and visa applications. Collaborating with a UAE company formation specialist means providing basic documentation and business details while leaving the intricate process to seasoned professionals. This approach ensures a hassle-free experience, from application to commencement of trading and is an easier way to establish business in dubai.